Hope Beyond Words


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Title: ‘Hope Beyond Words’

Dimension: 18×24 in/ 40×50 cm’

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artist name: Precious Nakpil-Lai

Innocent, wrapped in a world so wide.

This child’s curious heart, so full of pride,

Gazing at your eyes, he looked and wonder,

Whispers softly, “is there hope for me?”


In a realm of uncertainty, and as the years go by,

Can’t read nor write, still reaching for the sky,

Through your guiding hands he will strive to see,

The promise of tomorrow, the hope he’ll be set free.


In a world tests his strength and might,

He will face the darkness, guided by your inner light,

Learning through each stumble, each tear, each plea,

He whispers to himself, ‘Yes, there is hope for me.”


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