Better with a Splinter


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Title: Better with a Splinter

Dimension: 60.96 x 60.96 cm/ 24×24 in’

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artist name: Precious Nakpil-Lai

One of the characteristics of children with autism is their inability to focus and to regulate emotion.

Attention is the gateway to learning. For children with autism, focusing their attention on tasks and activities is essential for acquiring new skills and knowledge. When their attention is present and directed effectively, they can better engage with educational materials, interact with teachers and peers, and absorb information.

Many children with autism struggle with communication skills too, whether it’s verbal or non-verbal. Attention and regulation play a pivotal role in this aspect as well. When a child can regulate their attention, they are better able to attend to social cues, listen to spoken language, and express their own thoughts and feelings, facilitating better communication with others.


By nurturing these skills through tailored strategies and interventions, caregivers and professionals can provide children with autism the tools they need to learn, communicate, manage sensory sensitivities, and ultimately lead more fulfilling



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